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Fundamental Groups in Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry

Moderate Points of Hyperbolic Curves

speaker: Yuichiro Hoshi (Università di Kyoto)

abstract: The notion of a moderate point may be regarded, from the point of view of Galois sections, as an analogue for a hyperbolic curve of the notion of a torsion point of an abelian variety. The study of the notion corresponding to a moderate point of a hyperbolic curve was initiated by Makoto Matsumoto. Matsumoto proved that there are infinitely many hyperbolic curves over number fields which have no moderate rational points. In this talk, I discuss the following two topics concerning moderate points: (1) The relationship between the moderate points of a hyperbolic curve and the kernel of the pro-l outer Galois action associated to the hyperbolic curve (2) The finiteness of the moderate rational points of a once-punctured elliptic curve over a number field

Thu 19 Dec, 16:30 - 17:30, Aula Dini
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