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Quantum Information and Many-Body Quantum Systems

seminar: Quantum phase transitions of light in coupled cavity arrays

speaker: Dimitris Angelakis (Centre for Quantum Computation, Cambridge)

abstract: We show that in an array of coupled cavities doped with two level systems(atoms or quantum dots), one could exploit photon blockade to achieve a Mott insulator state with polaritons. By varying the detuning of the atomic level spacing and photonic frequency one can proceed from a photon superfluid in a lattice to a polaritonic Mott state. I will also describe how in the Mott regime the system could simulate a XY spin model with the presence and absence of polaritons corresponding to spin up and down and propose a robust scheme of entangling atoms in two separate distant cavities.

Fri 30 Mar, 9:50 - 10:20, Aula Dini
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