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Quantum Information and Many-Body Quantum Systems

seminar: Coexistence of unlimited bipartite and multipartite continuous-variable entanglement

speaker: Gerardo Adesso (University of Nottingham)

abstract: Quantum mechanics imposes 'monogamy' constraints on the sharing of entanglement. We show that, despite these limitations, entanglement can be simultaneously present in unlimited two-body and many-body forms in continuous variable systems. This is demonstrated in simple families of multimode Gaussian states of light fields or atomic ensembles, which therefore enable infinitely more freedom in the distribution of information, as opposed to systems of individual qubits. Such a finding is of importance for the quantification, understanding and potential exploitation of shared quantum correlations, and qualifies continuous variable systems as ideal candidates for novel realizations of robust multiparty communication networks.

Fri 30 Mar, 10:50 - 11:20, Aula Dini
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