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Cooperative multi agent systems: distributed computation, estimation and control

seminar: Deployment and rendezvous of cooperative robotic networks

speaker: Jorge Cortes (University of California at San Diego)

abstract: Motion coordination is a remarkable phenomenon in biological systems and an extremely useful tool in man-made groups of vehicles, mobile sensors, and embedded robotic systems. Just like animals do, groups of mobile autonomous agents need the ability to deploy over a given region, assume a specified pattern, meet at a common point, or jointly move in a synchronized manner. This talk presents coordination algorithms that achieve the deployment and rendezvous objectives. The deployment objective is to optimally place a group of robots in an environment of interest. The rendezvous objective is to steer each robot in a network to a common location. Both objectives are to be achieved with the limited information flow described in the model of the network. In both setups, we analyze the correctness and complexity of the proposed cooperative strategies, and, in doing so, unveil some general mathematical techniques that might be applicable to other motion coordination problems.

Tue 4 Dec, 9:00 - 10:30, Aula Dini

Rendezvous and deployment

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