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Cooperative multi agent systems: distributed computation, estimation and control

seminar: Dynamic routing problems for cooperative robotic networks

speaker: Emilio Frazzoli (MIT)

abstract: In this talk we will discuss the problem of coordinating the motion of a possibly large number of mobile agents in a dynamic environment, where tasks are generated over time by adversarial or stochastic processes. We will investigate several problems of interest, ranging from surveillance and data collection, search and rescue, and perimeter defense, to network connectivity through mobile relays. The effects of limited information (e.g., due to limited sensing or communication range), and of the agents' dynamics (e.g., non-holonomic constraints) will be discussed and analyzed.

Tue 4 Dec, 11:00 - 12:30, Aula Dini

Dynamic Routing and Motion Coordination part I

Dynamic Routing and Motion Coordination part II

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