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Geometric Flows and Geometric Operators

seminar: Convexity estimates for a nonhomogeneous mean curvature flow

speaker: Roberta Alessandroni (Max Planck Institute AEI Potsdam)

abstract: We consider the flow of a closed immersed hypersurface with speed given by a function of the mean curvature asymptotic to Hlog H for large H. For a nonconvex initial surface the formation of singularities is well behaved under this flow. We prove that if a surface has positive mean curvature at the initial time it becomes asymptotically convex near a singularity. The technique is similar to the one used for the mean curvature flow, but in this case the proof is easier and is based only on the maximum principle.

Fri 22 May, 15:00 - 16:00, Aula Dini
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