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Euclidean Harmonic Analysis, Nilpotent Lie Groups and PDEs

Sobolev Space Estimates for a Class of Bilinear Pseudodifferential Operators Unbounded on Lebesgue Spaces

speaker: Rodolfo Torres ( University of Kansas)

abstract: We will describe the reappearance of a sometimes called exotic behavior of certain classes of pseudodifferential operators. We will show that an anomalous phenomenon is also present in a recently introduced class of bilinear pesudodifferential operators, which can be seen as variable coefficient counterparts of the bilinear Hilbert transform and other singular bilinear multipliers operators. These operators are in general unbounded on products of Lebesgue spaces but bounded on spaces of smooth functions. This is joint work with Frederic Bernicot.

Thu 18 Mar, 15:00 - 16:00, Sala Stemmi
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