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Workshop on "Combinatorial and geometric aspects of Hyperplane Arrangements" May 24th through 26th

MAY WORKSHOP: Characteristic varieties of quasiprojective groups

speaker: Enrique Artal Bartolo (Universidad de Zaragoza)

abstract: Following the work of Beauville, Arapura, Delzant, Simpson a description of characteristic varieties of quasiprojective groups is given. This invariant measures the jumping numbers for the cohomology with respect to local system of coefficients. This description provides a number of obstructions (following ideas of Dimca, Papadima an Suciu) which can be applied to study the quasiprojectivity of Tits-Artin groups. It is a joint work with J.I. Cogolludo and D. Matei.

Mon 24 May, 17:30 - 18:30, Aula Dini
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