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Fifth Itinerant Workshop on PDEs

Scattering and Landau damping for the Vlasov-HMF model (Part II)

speaker: Erwan Faou (INRIA )

abstract: We consider a simple Vlasov model (the Hamiltonian mean-field model) and show some scattering results implying nonlinear Landau damping phenomena for the solutions. The method is based on time iterations that can be interpreted as normal form transformations. When the solution has Sobolev regularity we obtain algebraic damping over very large but finite times. In the analytic case, we obtain exponential damping for all time by KAM iterations. We will then consider discretizations of the dynamics by semi-Lagrangian methods, and discuss the ability of numerical schemes to reproduce these phenomena. This is a joint work with Frédéric Rousset (University of Orsay)

Thu 23 Jan, 11:30 - 12:30, Aula Dini
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