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KAWA - Komplex Analysis Workshop VI, 2015

Dynamics in the basin of attraction

speaker: Sandrine DAURAT (Univ. Paris Est Marne la vallée)

abstract: We are interested in the description of the dynamics in the basin of attraction of an attracting set \(\mathcal{A}\). For this, we will rely on works of J. Diller, R. Dujardin et V. Guedj on “small” topological degree rational mappings of a complex projective surface, works themselves based on those of E. Bedford, M. Lyubich et J. Smillie.

We establish the laminarity of the Green current \(T\) for a large family of endomorphisms. We also build weakly hyperbolic measure of saddle type which represent equidistribution of saddle periodic points included in \(\mathcal{A}\); together with the distribution of the images of almost every point in the basin of attraction in the sense of the trace measure of \(T\):

Fri 27 Mar, 15:20 - 16:00, Aula Dini
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