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KAWA - Komplex Analysis Workshop VI, 2015

Extensions of Riemann domains and functions on them

speaker: Evgeny Poletsky (Syracuse University)

abstract: In our talk we will discuss new developments in the problem of extensions of Riemann domains and functions on them using analytic disks. This usage was originated by B. J├Âricke to construct envelopes of holomorphy and then used by F. Larusson and the speaker to subextend plurisubharmonic functions to holes in the domain. The method itself relies on homotopies of analytic disks and we will discuss the latest advancements in the holomorphic homotopy theory of analytic disks on general manifolds. Finally, we will show how an h-analog for the fundamental group can be introduced.

Sat 28 Mar, 11:50 - 12:30, Aula Dini
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