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PISA-HOKKAIDO-ROMA2 Summer School on Mathematics and Its Applications 2018

course: Discrete Morse Theory

speaker: Simona Settepanella (Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo)

abstract: Around 20 years ago Forman developed a discrete analogous of the well known Morse Theory. This theory allows to combinatorially construct from a given (regular, finte) CW-complex a second CW-complex that is homotopy equivalent to the first but has fewer cells.

In this 20 years Discrete Morse theory proved to be a very useful tool with many applications not only in Geometric Combinatorics but also in other fields of mathematics and computer science (e.g Data Analysis).

In this course, following Forman notes, we will present Discrete Morse theory. The last class will be devoted to an overview on its possible applications.

Tue 28 Aug, 14:30 - 16:30, Aula Dini
Wed 29 Aug, 11:00 - 13:00, Aula Dini
Thu 30 Aug, 11:00 - 13:00, Aula Dini
Fri 31 Aug, 11:00 - 13:00, Aula Dini
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