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“LEANING TORI” An Hamiltonian Event under the Tower

On the spectrum of the Schrödinger operator on Td : a normal form approach

speaker: Dario Bambusi ( Università degli studi di Milano)

abstract: I will present a new method based on normal form and psudodifferential calculus to get spectral results on Schredinger type operators on $Td$. In the one dimensional case one obtains in a very simple way the classical result that the eigenvalues of a Schroedinger operator come in couple which are well separated one from the others and such that the two eigenvalues in a couple have the same asyptotic. In the higher dimensional case I will show how to obtain the asymptotic behavior of a large part of the spectrum of Schroedinger operators and prove some properties similar to those just described for the one dimensional case. Joint work with Beatrice Langella and Riccardo Montalto

Fri 24 May, 11:20 - 12:10, Aula Dini
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