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Diophantine Geometry

course: Arithmetic Jet Spaces

speaker: Paul Vojta (University of California, Berkeley)

abstract: In his 1995 talk at Santa Cruz, J.-P. Demailly discussed compactified quotient jet spaces due originally to J. G. Semple and others. These correspond to certain closed subspaces of the iterated space of lines in the tangent bundle of a complex manifold: $X$, $\mathbb P(\Omega1{X\mathbb C})$, $\mathbb P(\Omega1{\mathbb P(\Omega1{X\mathbb C})\mathbb C})$, etc.

I tried to generalize the Semple-Demailly jet spaces to arbitrary characteristic, but was not successful. Instead, though, I have found another definition of jet space, isomorphic to the Semple-Demailly spaces away from the ``vertical'' part, but which is generally nonisomorphic for 3-jets and higher. This definition will be discussed.

Tue 14 Jun, 10:00 - 11:00, Sala Conferenze Centro De Giorgi
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