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Dynamical systems and systems of equations

Random walks on SL2(C) via holomorphic dynamics

speaker: Lucas Kaufmann (Institute for Basic Science, Republic of Korea)

abstract: Given a sequence of random i.i.d. 2 by 2 complex matrices, it is a classical problem to study the statistical properties of their product. This theory dates back to fundamental works of Furstenberg, Kesten, etc. and is still an active research topic. In this talk, I intend to show how methods from complex analysis and analogies with holomorphic dynamics offer a new point of view to this problem. This is used to obtain several new limit theorems for these random processes, often in their optimal version. This is based on joint works with T.-C. Dinh and H. Wu.

Mon 20 Jun, 15:20 - 16:20, Aula Dini
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