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Sub-riemannian geometry and beyond, III

Conjugation invariant norms on groups

speaker: Yehuda Shalom (Tel Aviv University)

abstract: A conjugation invariant norm on a group induces a bi-invariant metric on it. Two natural, yet quite extremal sources of such metrics are the discrete one, on any (discrete) group, and a compact one, coming from a (embedding into a) compact metric group. In the talk we shall discuss some rigidity phenomena related to these norms. In particular, we shall be interested in examples where every other norm on a discretecompact group arises from the opposite source. Our basic examples come from Lie and arithmetic-like groups, and we shall see how they are intimately related to deep results such as Margulis' normal subgroup theorem and Nikolov-Segal work on finitely generated profinite groups. Based on joint work with Leonid Polterovich and Zvi Shem-Tov

Thu 22 Jun, 9:00 - 10:00, Aula Dini
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