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Mathematical models for criminality in urban areas

17 April 2008 - 19 April 2008


Mathematical modelling of criminality in urban areas and of its dependence on space and time has received much attention in recent years. There are essentially three large groups of models: models based on population dynamics; models based on game theory; agent based models. The workshop will offer the possibility of discussing such approaches together and to outline common features and possible synergies. Moreover, information will be exchanged on the experiences of collaboration with sociologists and with public agencies engaged in the prevention and repression of crime. This topic was addressed in a project supported by EU (“NETIAM”: New and Emerging Technologies in Applied Mathematics, see the webpage The format of the workshop will be such that enough space will be left to discussion. The key lectures will be at an introductory level, so that also non-specialists could find an useful opportunity to get the relevant information and to be possibly involved in future research groups.