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Periodic Approximation in Dynamics

25 January 2010 - 5 February 2010


The Dynamical Systems school on Periodic Approximations in Ergodic Theory will focus on the study of periodic approximations as a tool to understand the ergodic properties of deterministic dynamical systems, and as a method of construction of examples (and counter-examples) of ergodic behavior, especially in dynamics related to quasi-periodic motion, such as perturbations of completely integrable systems, KAM theory, Arnol'd diffusion theory, quasi-periodic cocycles, Schrodinger equation, 1-dimensional complex dynamics around elliptic xed points, etc. The topics included in the courses cover areas of dynamics that have been experiencing a growing activity recently, raising interests among many young researchers and doctoral students both in Europe and in the US. The school will be aimed at student and young researchers and its goal is to provide them with the state of the art ideas and techniques of the included topics. We expect 30 to 40 participants to attend the School.