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Topological and Combinatorial Problems in One-dimensional Complex Dynamics

Partially supported by CNRS-UMI no. 3483 and INdAM - GNAMPA.

14 October 2013 - 18 October 2013


One dimensional complex dynamics involves the usage of many different tools taken from other areas of mathematics. We would like to focus on the interaction of holomorphic dynamics with topology on one side, and with combinatorics on the other side. The goal of this workshop is to investigate this two themes from the threefold view-point of local dynamics, dynamics of transcendental maps, and dynamics of rational maps, emphasizing the similarities between these problems in the three settings. This will outline a fairly complete summary of the current topological and combinatorial methods available in the three areas, with the hope of suggesting new applications. Emphasis will be on open problems and interrelations between the two major themes of the workshop. A side goal is to encourage the participation of graduate students and recent PhD's in the field. The workshop is partially supported by INdAM - GNAMPA.