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Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Machine Learning

7 October 2019 - 11 October 2019

Research Directions

The past few years have witnessed an impressive growth and development of machine learning methods. Enhanced by large collected databases and improved computational power, these techniques have made spectacular progress in fields like image recognition and have even reached the ability to surpass humans in certain tasks and in games like Go.

Still, the conceptual mechanisms on which such forms of learning work are largely not understood. Moreover, there is a complete lack of prediction ability, not only in the efficiency of machine learning, but also on its ability to work at all on a new problem. All this calls for a strong commitment on the part of the mathematical community. The present school aims at connecting international experts at the forefront of research on the mathematical and computational aspects of the problem with the interested scholars, especially the young generations.

The programme includes 5 minicourses of 6 hours each.
Lectures will be delivered by experts of international standing.
Deadline for registration: 31st August 2019.
Admission to the courses will be notified by 15th September after the Scientific Committee's decision.

Jean Barbier title and abstract
Philipp Grohs title and abstract
Gabriel Peyré title and abstract
Lars Ruthotto title and abstract
Stefano Soatto (with Alessandro Achille) title, abstract and NOTES

The programme will include also up to 12 short communications of 20 minutes each.
When registering, each prospective participant who wishes to deliver a short communication is invited to submit the title and abstract of his/her talk together with a reference letter of his/her advisor or post-doc mentor. The reference letter should be sent directly by the letter writer by e-mail to:
Deadline for application: 31st July 2019.
The Scientific Committee will then make the final selection and give an answer within 15th August 2019.

The full list of participants will be posted at a later time, within September 15.