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Computer-assisted proofs, proof assistants and visualization in dynamical systems

18 June 2024 - 21 June 2024


The scope of this workshop is to foster interactions between researchers working in the field of dynamical systems and ergodic theory, and who use, or want to use, rigorous computational methods. We want to deal with three different, complementary aspects: computer-assisted proofs, formal verification of proofs (proof assistants), and visualization tools. If the last aspect has a long history and was at the origin of important discoveries, computer-assisted proofs are much less developed, whereas the use of proof assistants is in its infancy. The workshop “Statistical and Computational Aspects of Dynamics” held in 2022 at the Centro de Giorgi has some aspects in common with the present one, but the project proposed here is significantly different because of the theme of proof assistants.

VIDEO: a playlist of the talks is available on Youtube.

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