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Modelling and Control of Physical Networks

6 April 2007 - 6 April 2007


This workshop is a satellite event of HSCC07 ( The main aim of the workshop is to bridge the control community dealing with networked systems and coordinated control of agents groups, with physical networks research areas as car traffic, telecommunications, irrigation channels etc. The common ground is in modeling appropriately the network and focusing on centralized or distributed control algorithms for the obtained networked system. Thus we will have presentations dealing with cooperative control with limited information flow, as for instance multi-agent systems or networks of robots or vehicles. Another thematic will be that of modeling of animal aggregations. At the same time, some presentations will be devoted to flows on networks, in particular focusing on irrigation channels and car traffic. In both cases some control need shows up, where the possiblity of control is at nodes as it happens for coordinated agents groups.

Research Directions

The workshop is partially supported by:

  • Italian project PRIN2005 "Metodi di viscosit√†, metrici e di teoria del controllo in equazioni alle derivate parziali nonlineari" coordinated by I. Capuzzo Dolcetta;