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Research in Pairs at CRM Pisa 2006

deadline: 31 December 2006


September 28, 2005:

The De Giorgi Research Center has facilities for research work in pairs and welcomes applications for their use for limited periods.

These facilities include:

- office space and computing facilities; - access to the libraries of the Scuola Normale Superiore and of the University of Pisa; - lodging; - cafeteria.

The program in principle has no restrictions apart from logistic and financial bounds.

It is open to italian and foreigners, to groups of two or more researchers.

The effective availability of offices depends very much on the period of the year. During the "Intensive research periods" held at the Center, it is of course very limited and in the peak period it is close to zero. In this respect, May-June-July 2006 and September 2006 are foreseen as difficult periods. January-February-March 2006 and November-December 2006 can be considered as good periods.

There is no compulsory rule concerning the minimum-maximum period of permanence at the Center, nor concerning the time and the modality of applications, in particular there is no deadline. However, there is a preference for continuative periods of permanence, of at least two weeks. Fixing the precise dates of (expected) permanence at the Center quite in advance would also help substantially.

It is to be emphasized that the Center will grant an office for each group of co-workers, together with lodging and meals, but unfortunately no travel support.

Applicants should send a message together with their curriculum vitae to the Director of the Center, Prof. Mariano Giaquinta, at the address:

Preference will be given to applicants whose research field is close to those are studied in Pisa.