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Nicola Gigli

SISSA, Trieste
Scientific interests: Calculus of Variations
Talk: The Heat Flow as Gradient Flow
Talk: On the interplay between horizontal and vertical derivation
Course: Notions of Calculus in Metric Measure Spaces with Applications to Spaces with Ricci Curvature Bounded from Below
Talk: On the Definition of Laplacian on Metric Measure Spaces and Comparison Results for the CD(K,N) Case
Talk: The Splitting Theorem in Nonsmooth Context
Talk: Spaces with Ricci curvature bounded from below: state of the art and future challenges.
Talk: Nonsmooth differential geometry (29 October 2014 )
Talk: Functional analysis and metric geometry (16 January 2019 )
Talk: Differentiating in a non-differentiable environment (26 November 2021 )