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Space, Geometry and the Imagination. From Antiquity to the Modern Age.

27 August 2012 - 29 August 2012

Planned Activities

Monday, Augurst 27th

HENRY MENDELL (California State University) What's location got to do with it? Place and Greek mathematics

ALEXANDER JONES (New York University) Theon of Smyrna and Ptolemy on celestial modelling in two and three dimensions

DAVID RABOUIN (CNRS, Paris) Proclus’s concept of geometrical space and its actuality

SILVIA DONATI (Albertus-Magnus-Institut, Bonn) Richard Rufus of Cornwall on the Origin of Quantity. Thirteenth Century Discussions on the Ontological Status of Number and Extension

Tuesday, August 28th

FRANCO FARINELLI (Università di Bologna) Subject, Space, Object: The Birth of Modernity

GARY HATFIELD (Pennsylvania University) On Natural Geometry and Seeing Distance Directly in Descartes Lunch

DOUGLAS JESSEPH (University of South Florida) Hobbes’s Theory of Space

ANDREW JANIAK (Duke University) Representing infinity: space and geometry in Descartes and Newton

Wednesday, August 29th

DANIEL GARBER (Princeton University) Leibniz's Transcendental Aesthetic: Ideal Space, Concrete Space, and Geometry in Leibniz

GRACIELA DE PIERRIS (Stanford University) Hume on Space and Geometry Lunch

JEREMY GRAY (Open University) Line, plane, and space: what has geometry got to do with experience?

MICHAEL FRIEDMAN (Stanford University) Kant on Space, Geometry, and the Possibility of Experience Centro