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Teichmüller theory and surfaces in 3-manifolds

26 May 2014 - 20 June 2014

Planned Activities

During weeks I, II and IV there will be mini-courses and research talks, along with time for discussion.

Thierry Barbot (Avignon), Francis Bonahon (USC), Marc Burger (ETH Zürich), William Goldman (College Park), Alexander Goncharov (Yale), Jeremy Kahn (Brown), François Labourie (Orsay), Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford) and Andrew Neitzke (Austin) have already accepted to address thematic mini-courses. Speaker of research talks are TBA.


Week I

  • F. Bonahon (USC), "The Hitchin component"
  • D. Saric (Queens College), "Infinite Teichmüller spaces via hyperbolic geometry"

    Week II

  • T. Barbot (Avignon), "Globally hyperbolic spacetime of constant curvature".
  • J. Kahn (CUNY), "The Surface Subgroup Theorem and the Ehrenpreis conjecture".
  • F. Labourie (Paris Orsay), "Minimal surfaces and Hitchin components".

    Week IV

  • M. Burger (ETH Zürich), "Volumes, bounded cohomology and representations of three-manifold groups".
  • W. Goldman (College Park), "TBA".
  • A. Goncharov (Yale), "Ideal webs and coordinateson the moduli spaces of flat connections on surfaces.".
  • R. Mazzeo (Stanford), "Deformation theory for conifolds".
  • A. Neitzke (Austin), "Spectral networks and their uses".

    A more intensive workshop will take place during the third week (9-13 June).