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Summer School of Mathematics for Economic and Social Sciences

Data Mining and Machine Learning for Business and Organizations

11 September 2017 - 15 September 2017


List of selected candidates:
Becatti Carolina
Bonaccorsi Pietro
Bruno Beniamino
Gabbani Elena Sofia
Iglesias Matias
Longo Luigi
Mbollo Steve Williams
Parissi Niccolò
Pascali Davide
Picchi Sara
Spadavecchia Lorenzo
Trapani Giuseppe

The “Summer School of Mathematics for Economic and Social Sciences” aims to improve the knowledge of mathematical methods among graduate students in economics and social sciences, with a focus on those techniques which albeit widespread in use are not properly covered in typical graduate programs. The School is an interdisciplinary venue intended to foster the interaction of people coming from the too often separated communities of mathematical and social scientists.
It is funded and organized by the Mathematics Research Center “Ennio De Giorgi” and partially supported by the International Doctoral Program in Economics of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.


Organizations and business are overwhelmed by the flood of data continuously collected into their data warehouses and arriving from external sources – the Web above all. Traditional exploratory techniques may fail to make sense of the data, due to its inherent complexity and size. Data mining and knowledge discovery techniques emerged as an alternative approach, aimed at revealing patterns, rules and models hidden in the data, and at supporting the analytical user to develop descriptive and predictive models for a number of business problems. This short course focusses on the main applications scenarios of data mining to challenging problems in the broad CRM domain - Customer Relationship Management.



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Venue: Fondazione Conservatorio Santa Chiara, San Miniato, Italy

Participation: participation is subject to selection. Only 20-25 positions are available. Financial support for board and accommodation will be provided.

Application: On-line application should be made through the Financial support section if support is requested, or through the Registration section if support is NOT requested.
All applications must include a CV that shall be sent by e-mail to
Applications without a CV will not be considered.

Deadline for application: 7th August 2017

The list of selected candidates will be published on this website as soon as the selection is completed. Selected candidates will also receive individual confirmation.