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Local holomorphic dynamics

Partially supported by: Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica, Università di Pisa, Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Università di Firenze, GNSAGA, IMPA - Rio de Janeiro

22 January 2007 - 26 January 2007


Local holomorphic dynamics has always been a fundamental part of the study of holomorphic dynamical systems, both in the continuous (i.e., foliations) case and in the discrete (i.e., endomorphisms) case.

The study of local normal forms for vector fields and endomorphisms, and of the local dynamics about a singular (or fixed) point from the topological, differential, and holomorphic point of views, has led to the development of a large number of tools and techniques, often with also applications in global dynamics (and other fields). New results are proven every year, and yet there is still a large number of important open problems to be solved.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers interested in local holomorphic dynamics, both from the continuous and the discrete side of the subject, with the idea of presenting the more recent results, so to compare the techniques used and possibly to spark new collaborations and researches.

Research Directions

Here you can find the second announcement of the workshop with some useful information.

And here is a picture with the participants in the conference.