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Optimal transport: theory and applications

14 November 2006 - 18 November 2006


Date Time Speaker Room
Tue 14 Nov 15:10- 16:05 Sturm, Karl-Theodor
"Optimal Transportation, Ricci Curvature and Diffusions on the L2-Wasserstein Space"
Aula Dini
16:10- 17:05 Gangbo, Wilfrid
"Euler-Poisson as energy minimizing paths in the Wasserstein space P2(R)"
Aula Dini
17:30- 18:25 De Pascale, Luigi
"Optimal transportation of certain distributions and applications"
Aula Dini
Wed 15 Nov 9:30- 10:25 Fathi, Albert
"Optimal transport on non-compact manifolds"
Aula Dini
11:00- 11:55 Fang, Shizan
"Transportation cost inequalities and optimal transport maps on loop groups"
Aula Dini
15:00- 15:55 Bouchitté, Guy
"Dimension reduction for linear constraint problems. Applications in optimal design"
Aula Dini
16:00- 16:55 Figalli, Alessio
"Ricci curvature and displacement convexity"
Aula Dini
17:30- 18:25 Brenier, Yann
"Monge-Kantorovich stability and L2 formulation of multidimensional scalar conservation laws"
Aula Dini
Thu 16 Nov 9:00- 9:55 Buttazzo, Giuseppe
"Asymptotics for a compliance-location problem"
Aula Dini
10:00- 10:55 Piccoli, Benedetto
"Traffic flow on networks"
Aula Dini
11:30- 12:25 Carlier, Guillaume
"Optimal transportation with traffic congestion and Wardrop equilibria"
Aula Dini
Fri 17 Nov 9:00- 9:55 Ambrosio, Luigi
"Variational models for incompressible Euler equations and measures on action-minimizing paths"
Aula Dini
10:00- 10:55 McCann, Robert J.
"Free Boundaries in Optimal Transport"
Aula Dini
11:30- 12:25 Savaré, Giuseppe
"Gradient flows in metricWasserstein spaces under lower curvature bounds"
Aula Dini
15:30- 16:25 Pratelli, Aldo
"On the sufficiency of c-cyclical monotonicity for the optimality of transport plans"
Aula Dini
17:00- 17:55 De Lellis, Camillo
"Estimates for ordinary differential equations with Sobolev coefficients"
Aula Dini
Sat 18 Nov 9:30- 10:25 Serfaty, Sylvia
"A gradient flow approach to an evolution problem arising in superconductivity"
Aula Dini
11:00- 11:55 Young measures, superposition and transport Aula Dini