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Mathematical Modelling in Life Sciences

poster: Interacting stochastic processes with local/global reinforcement schemes

speaker: Meghdad Mirebrahimi (Laboratary of applied Mathematics, UMR7348, University of Poitiers)

abstract: The Polya urn is a well known reinforcement stochastic process leading to a random (beta-distributed) time-asymptotics. The Friedman urn is a modi cation whose time-limit is not random anymore. We consider a ( nite-) system of interacting reinforced stochastic processes mixing these two schemes with different strength. Individual components are updated through a competition between a local reinforcement rule and a global one, de ned as transformation of the average state (mean eld). We study the time-asymptotics and synchronisation phenomenon according to the different parameter regimes.

Wed 13 Sep, 19:01 - 21:00, Corridoio piano terra
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