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Mathematical Modelling in Life Sciences

poster: Network of interacting neurons with random synaptic weights

speaker: Paolo Grazieschi (University of Warwick)

abstract: The human brain may be modelled as a network of particles interacting among themselves. In this context, the dynamics of the potential of one neuron is described by a jump process which takes into account both the interaction with the other particles and the spiking-resetting behaviour of neurons. In works by Delarue, Inglis, Rubenthaler and Tanré a complete graph has been considered and its solution has been shown to converge to a mean-field limit stochastic differential equation. In the effort of building a more biologically plausible model, we introduce randomness in the interaction terms and we discuss differences and similarities of the newly built models in comparison with the previous one.

Wed 13 Sep, 19:01 - 21:00, Corridoio piano terra
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