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Nanoscale mathematical modeling of synaptic transmission, calcium dynamics, transduction and cell sensing

course: The interplay of calcium signalling and mechanics in embryogenesis

speaker: Katerina Kaouri (Cardiff University, UK)

abstract: The interplay between calcium signalling and mechanical forces is critical to the healthy development of embryos but poorly understood. Several cell types exhibit calcium-induced contractions whereas the response of cells to mechanical stimulation through elevating their calcium is well established; therefore a two-way coupling mechanism must be at play. We present analysis of data that supports the existence of this feedback loop in neurulation and then develop a new mechanochemical model. We find that mechanical forces can significantly alter the characteristics of calcium signalling and may lead to oscillations vanishing, which is linked to embryo malformations. Joint work with: PK Maini (Oxford), N Christodoulou (Cambridge), P Skourides (Univ. Cyprus), SJ Chapman (Oxford)

Tue 9 Oct, 9:30 - 10:30, Aula Dini
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