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Nanoscale mathematical modeling of synaptic transmission, calcium dynamics, transduction and cell sensing

course: Action potential counting at giant mossy fiber terminals

speaker: Yulia Timofeeva (University of Warwick)

abstract: Neurons fire action potentials to transfer information through synaptic release of neurotransmitter. At presynaptic terminals, the pattern of action potential discharge is integrated through dynamic Ca2+ signaling by the presynaptic machinery which triggers the release of neurotransmitter. It is generally accepted that the rate and the temporal precision of action potential firing support information transfer between neurons. Here, we show that in contrast to rate and temporal coding, giant mossy fiber terminals count the number of action potentials during trains to trigger CA3 pyramidal cell firing. Our results shed light on the synaptic signal transfer mechanisms supporting an additional information coding strategy in the brain. In our study we combined electrophysiological recordings with rapid presynaptic two-photon Ca2+ imaging and experimentally constrained modelling.

Mon 8 Oct, 12:00 - 13:00, Aula Dini
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