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Nanoscale mathematical modeling of synaptic transmission, calcium dynamics, transduction and cell sensing

course: In vitro recapitulation of synaptic transmission with model physiological membranes

speaker: Frederic Pincet (ENS)

abstract: Synaptic transmission is the archetype of complex process that relies on a molecular machinery to provide a precise sequence of events controlled in space and time. Making predictive models requires a complete description of each step prior to and during synaptic transmission, and functional mapping of the determinants. This can be achieved by the full in vitro reconstitution and control of the process with the correct sub-millisecond timing and sequence of events. Until recently technical limitations and insufficient knowledge of the involved molecular machinery impeded this in vitro reconstitution. The primary limitation was the lack of means to produce a versatile giant freely-floating membrane mimicking the neuronal plasma membrane. We have developed a microfluidic design enabling the formation of such a membrane. Using this setup, fusion and molecular remodeling are simultaneously monitored by electric (patch-clamp) and optical (Confocal, TIRF microscopies and single molecule FRET) measurements with the correct time-resolution. During my presentation, I will describe how this new model membrane that resembles physiological membranes is made, demonstrate its versatility in terms of composition and usage, and present our current results on synaptic transmission. Then, we can discuss the various experiments needed to provide relevant information for the mathematical modeling of synaptic transmission.

Wed 10 Oct, 11:00 - 12:00, Aula Dini
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