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Universality of Resurgence in Quantization Theories

13 June 2018 - 15 June 2018


VIDEO: a playlist of the talks is available on Youtube.

Recent mathematical progress in the modern theory of resurgent asymptotic analysis (using trans-series and alien calculus) has recently begun to be applied systematically to many current problems of interest, ranging from pure mathematics through mathematical and theoretical physics, including string and gauge theory. At the same time these methods seem to display universality across fields, in the sense that they may very well further apply elsewhere in physics, such as in CFT or black holes, but even all the way across to engineering, economics, or other fields (given the universality of alien calculus as a new calculus). The goal of this meeting is to bring together European experts in these diverse fields, with specific interests in resurgent asymptotics and its universality, in order to exchange new ideas and techniques, and to identify the truly outstanding and fundamental problems to be addressed in the near future