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Winterbraids X

17 February 2020 - 21 February 2020


This is the tenth edition of an international school on low dimensional topology, with a particular emphasis on the multiple aspects of braid groups (algebraic, geometrical, topological or algorithmic).

Previous editions: Pau 2010, Caen 2011, Grenoble 2012, Dijon 2014, Pau 2015, Lille 2016, Caen 2017, CIRM 2018, Reims 2019.

Since 2014 Winterbraids proceedings are published on cedram (http:/ and referred on mathscinet.

A webpage of the conference is also available at:

Theschool is partially supported by GDR tresses, GDR singularités, ANR Lisa, GDR topologie algébrique, GDR TLAG, University of Pisa, ANR AHA, GNSAGA and Fédération Normandie Mathématiques