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David Sauzin

Scientific interests: Dynamical Systems
Seminar: On the quasianalyticity properties of spaces of monogenic functions suitable for one-dimensional small divisor problems
Seminar: Resurgence of parabolic curves in C^2
Talk: There is Only One KAM Curve (joint work with C.Carminati and S.Marmi)
Talk: On resurgence, normal forms and mould calculus
Talk: Introduction to co-equational (i.e. parametric) resurgence
Course: Nekhoroshev estimates and instability for Gevrey-class Hamiltonians (7 February 2002 - 15 February 2002)
Course: Analytic properties of solutions of cohomological equations (5 April 2002 - 9 April 2002)
Seminar: Frontiere naturali forti secondo Breuer-Simon e funzione di suscettibilità di Ruelle (15 February 2012 )
Seminar: Natural boundary for the susceptibility function of generic piecewise expanding unimodal maps (5 March 2013 )
Talk: Introduction (8 April 2013 )
Talk: Introduction (8 April 2013 - None)
Talk: General introduction to the week and resurgent viewpoint on horn maps in 1D non-degenerate parabolic germs (1st part). (3 June 2013 )
Seminar: Explicit linearization of germs through tree-expansions (20 February 2014 )
Seminar: Linearization of multi-dimensional dynamical systems through tree-expansions (19 October 2016 )
Seminar: Attracted by an elliptic fixed point (30 May 2018 )