CRM: Centro De Giorgi
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Arrangements and beyond: Combinatorics, geometry, topology and applications

Partially supported by: PRIN 2015ZWST2C "Moduli spaces and Lie Theory", Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, Dipart. di Matematica dell'Univ. di Pisa, Università di Pisa (Ateneo) e Dipart. di Matematica dell'Univ. Roma Sapienza

6 June 2017 - 9 June 2017

Planned Activities

  • Lectures
    Each lecture will consist of a 45 minutes talk, plus ca. 10 minutes for questions and answers.
    Lectures will begin on Monday morning and will finish on Friday at launch.
    Wednesday afternoon will be free.

  • Poster Session
    A poster session will be presented on Tuesday and posters will stay exposed during 3 days.