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Variational methods and applications

Partially supported by: PRIN 2017 “Variational methods for stationary and evolution problems with singularities and interfaces” and the project ANR-18-CE40-0013 SHAPO financed by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) and finace

6 September 2021 - 10 September 2021

Invited Speakers

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Giovanni Alberti

Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Pisa
Talk: The vanishing mass conjecture and related geometric questions

Jean-Francois Babadjian

Université Paris-Sud
Talk: Spatial hyperbolicity for the system of perfect plasticity - (online)

Giulia Bevilacqua

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
5 September 2021 - 10 September 2021
Talk: The Kirchhoff-Plateau problem and its generalizations

Lorenzo Brasco

Università di Ferrara
Talk: A semilinear spectrum for the Dirichlet-Laplacian

Giacomo Canevari

Università di Verona
Talk: The lifting problem for manifold-valued maps of bounded variation

Marco Caroccia

Politecnico di Milano
Talk: Contact surface of Cheeger sets

Antonin Chambolle

CNRS, CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine
Talk: Effective surface tensions for periodic lattice systems - (online)

Marco Cicalese

Technische Universität München
Talk: Chirality transition in magnetic materials

Eleonora Cinti

Università di Bologna
Talk: Flatness results for stable solutions to some nonlocal problems

Lucia De Luca

Università di Pisa
Talk: Topological singularities in periodic media

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