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Variational methods in Material Science

10 October 2006 - 14 October 2006


Date Time Speaker Room
Tue 10 Oct 15:10- 16:05 James, Richard D.
"New observations on the origins of hysteresis in phase transformations and metastability in the calculus of variations"
Aula Dini
16:10- 17:05 Francfort, Gilles A.
"Variational fracture and minimality"
Aula Dini
17:30- 18:25 Friesecke, Gero
"Minimum energy configurations of classical charges"
Aula Dini
Wed 11 Oct 9:30- 10:25 De Simone, Antonio
"Liquid crystals elastomers: modeling, analysis, and simulation"
Aula Dini
11:00- 11:55 Blanc, Xavier
"Stochastic lattices and their macroscopic limits"
Aula Dini
15:30- 16:25 Dal Maso, Gianni
"Quasistatic evolution problems in plasticity with softening"
Aula Dini
17:00- 17:55 Chambolle, Antonin
"Rigid displacements with cracks"
Aula Dini
Thu 12 Oct 9:00- 9:55 Conti, Sergio
"A sharp-interface limit for the singularly perturbed Eikonal functional"
Aula Dini
10:00- 10:55 Braides, Andrea
"Asymptotic analysis of binary discrete systems"
Aula Dini
11:30- 12:25 Otto, Felix
"A compactness result in micromagnetics"
Aula Dini
Fri 13 Oct 9:00- 9:55 Mueller, Stefan
Aula Dini
10:00- 10:55 Garroni, Adriana
"Variational methods for plasticity by homogenization of discrete dislocations"
Aula Dini
11:30- 12:25 Tomarelli, Franco
"A variational principle for plastic hinges"
Aula Dini
15:30- 16:25 Del Piero, Gianpietro
"Regularized descriptions of fracture"
Aula Dini
17:00- 17:55 FragalĂ , Ilaria
"The compliance of thin plates: modelling and optimization"
Aula Dini
Sat 14 Oct 9:30- 10:25 Le Bris, Claude
"Existence and uniqueness of solutions to Fokker-Planck type equations with irregular coefficients"
Aula Dini
11:00- 11:55 Fonseca, Irene
"Surfactants in foam stability: a phase field model"
Aula Dini