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Scientific Papers

Olivia Caramello
A characterization 'theorem' for geometric logic
(2009) pp. 8

Laura Spinolo, Stefano Bianchini
A connection between viscous profiles and singular ODEs
Rend. Istit. Mat. Univ. Trieste. (2009)

Arina A. Arkhipova and Jana Stará
A priori estimates for quasilinear parabolic systems with quadratic nonlinearities in the gradient
(2009) pp. 12

Luca Martinazzi
A threshold phenomenon for embeddings of Hm 0 into Orlicz spaces,
Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations 36 (2009) pp. 493-506

Laura Spinolo, Gianluca Crippa
An overview on some results concerning the transport equation and its applications to conservation laws (
Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. (2009)

Luca Martinazzi, Mircea Petrache
Asymptotics and quantization for a mean-field equation of higher order, Comm. Partial Differential Equations

Pablo Alvarez-Caudevilla and Julián López-Gómez
Characterizing the existence of coexistence states for a class of cooperative systems
Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst., Supplement (2009) pp. 24–33

Luca Martinazzi
Classification of solutions to the higher order Liouville’s equation on R2m,
Math. Z. 263 (2009) pp. 307-329

Luca Martinazzi
Concentration-compactness phenomena in higher order Liouville’s equation
J. Funct. Anal. 256 (2009) pp. 3743-3771

Giovanni De Matteis
Continuum Landau Model for Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 1563-5287, Volume 500 (2009) pp. 31 - 50

Fulvio Ricci and Joan Verdera
Duality in spaces of finite linear combinations of atoms

Antoine Lemenant
Energy improvement for energy minimizing functions in the complement of generalized Reifenberg-flat sets
Ann. Sc. Norm. Sup. Pisa (2009) (2009)

Luca Martinazzi, Mircea Petrache
Existence of solutions to a higher dimensional meanfield equation
(preprint) (2009)

Heiko von der Mosel, Pawel Strzelecki
Integral Menger curvature for surfaces
(2009) pp. 65
Download: Integral Menger curvature for surfaces

Laura Spinolo, Stefano Bianchini
Invariant manifolds for a singular ordinary differential equation

Laura Spinolo, Stefano Bianchini
Invariant manifolds for viscous profiles of a class of mixed hyperbolic-parabolic systems
Proceedings of HYP2008, 12th International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications, published by the AMS. (2009)

Ekaterina Pervova
Lower bounds on complexity of geometric 3-orbifolds
(2009) pp. 11

Giovanni De Matteis, Silvano Romano
Mesogenic lattice models with partly antinematic interactions producing uniaxial nematic phases
Physical Review E 80, 031702 (2009)

Laura Spinolo
Notes on the study of the viscous approximation of hyperbolic problems via ODE analysis

Laura Caravenna, Stefano Bianchini
On the extremality, uniqueness and optimality of transference plans
Bull. Inst. Math. Acad. Sin. (N.S.), 4(4):353-455 (2009) pp. 98

Antoine Lemenant
On the homogeneity of global minimizers for the Mumford-Shah functional when K is a smooth cone
Rend. Di Padova (2009)

Laura Spinolo, Cleopatra Christoforou
On the self-similar, zero viscosity limit for a boundary Riemann problem

Luca Martinazzi, Michael Struwe
Quantization for an elliptic equation of order 2m with critical exponential non-linearity
preprint (2009)

Laura Spinolo, Luigi Ambrosio, Gianluca Crippa and Alessio Figalli
Some new well-posedness results for continuity and transport equations, and applications to the chromatography system
SIAM J. Math. Anal. Volume 41, Issue 5 (2009) pp. 1890-1920

Antoine Lemenant, Estibalitz Durand-Cartagena
Some stability results under domain variation for Neumann problems in metric spaces
Ann. Ac. sci. Fennicae (2009)

Antoine Lemenant, Emmanouil Milakis
Stability for the first Dirichlet eigenvalue in Reifenberg flat domains in RN
J. Math. Anal. Appl. (2009)

Vladimir Slesar
Weitzenböck formulas for Riemannian foliations
Differential Geometry and its Applications 27 (2009) pp. 6
Download: Weitzenböck formulas for Riemannian foliations