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Alexander Mielke

WIAS Berlin and Humboldt University Berlin
Scientific interests: Calculus of Variations, Functional Analysis, PDE
Course: Modelling of rate-independent hysteresis effects in materials
Talk: Mathematical Approaches to Thermodynamic Modeling
Talk: On Gradient Structures and Geodesic Convexity for Energy-reaction-diffusion Systems and Markov Chains
Talk: EDP convergence and optimal transport
Seminar: Evolution of microstructures in shape-memory alloys (18 January 2006 - 22 January 2006)
Seminar: Global existence for rate-independent gradient plasticity (15 November 2007 - 17 November 2007)
Seminar: Lecture (25 November 2013 - 29 November 2013)
Talk: A reaction-diffusion equation as a Hellinger-Kantorovich gradient flow (30 October 2014 )