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Sub-riemannian geometry and beyond, III

A gist on Lie groups in Pisa

19 June 2023 - 23 June 2023

Invited Speakers

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Oussama Bensaid

Talk: Coarse separation by subsets of sub-exponential growth

Marc Burger

ETH Zürich
Talk: Real Spectrum and Character Varieties

Luca Capogna

Smith College, USA
Talk: Conformal equivalence of visual metrics in pseudoconvex domains
Talk: Mini course: Carnot-Carathéodory visual boundaries

Paolo Ciatti

Università di Padova
Talk: Bounds for the spectral projections of the Heisenberg subLaplacian

Yves Cornulier

CNRS-Université Lyon 1
Talk: Mini course: Introduction to the geometry of Lie groups

Moon Duchin

Tufts UniversitY
Talk: From continuous to discrete Heisenberg geometry

Tullia Dymarz

University of Wisconsin
Talk: Tukia type theorems for Carnot-by-Carnot groups II (joint seminar with David Fisher)

Tom Ferragut

Talk: Geometry and rigidity of quasi-isometries of horospherical products (MINI TALK)

David Fisher

Indiana University Bloomington
Talk: Tukia type theorems for Carnot-by-Carnot groups I (joint seminar with Tullia Dymarz)

Nate Fisher

Talk: Horofunction boundaries of homogeneous groups (MINI TALK)

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