CRM: Centro De Giorgi
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Euclidean Harmonic Analysis, Nilpotent Lie Groups and PDEs

1 March 2010 - 30 April 2010


balogh (talk: Exceptional Sets for Sobolev and Quasiconformal Dimension Distortion)

bonami (talk: Products of Functions in the Hardy Space H^1 and in BMO, Div-Curl Lemmas)

christ (talk: Existence of Extremals for a Fourier Restriction Inequality)

david (talk: Minimal Sets and Cones of Dimension 2 in /R/^4)

dooley (talk: Wrapping Maps and Heat Kernels on Compact Symmetric Spaces)

duong (talk: Weighted Norm Inequalities, Gaussian Bounds and Sharp Spectral Multipliers)

dziubanskiglowacki (talk: Sobolev Spaces Related to Schrödinger Operators with Polynomial Potentials)

franchi (talk: Maxwell's Equations in Carnot Groups)

grafakos (talk: Bilinear Multiplier Theorems and Rough Singular Integrals)

hofmann (talk: Hardy Spaces Adapted to Divergence Form Elliptic Operators)

mauceri (talk: Comparison of Spaces of Hardy Type on Some Metric Measure Spaces of Exponential Growth)

mcintosh (talk: Potential Maps for de Rham Complexes on Lipschitz Domains)

meda (talk: Atomic Decomposition of Certain Hardy Type Spaces on the Hyperbolic Upper Half-Plane)

mockenhaupt (talk: Optimal Extension of the Hausdorff-Young Inequality)

peloso (talk: On the Schrödinger Equation for the Sublaplacian on Complex Spheres (joint work with V. Casarino))

perezmoreno1 (talk: A Bilinear Hörmander Condition)

rogers (talk: On the Stability of the Calderón Inverse Problem on Rough Planar Domains)

sogge (talk: Kakeya-Nikodym Averages and L^p Norms of Eigenfunctions)

street (talk: Multi-parameter Singular Radon Transforms)